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Came across this picture of a wall with work from both Swoon and OBEY on the interwebs.

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Austin Gray

These are from Nashville-based graphic designer Austin Gray.  He does designs for everything from apartment advertisements to band posters.  However, my favorite piece of his is his reinterpretation of the England football team jersey for the Euro 96 semifinal game (pictured third in this set).  Sadly his vision of making a coffee table book of football shirts turned into posters will not come into fruition due to difficulty in the process of attaining team and manufacturer rights.  It would have been nice though to see what he could have done with my Gunner’s 2008/2009 away kit.

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Claire Morgan

The painstakingly repetitive and precise process as well as the challenges presented by the nature of her chosen materials are an important part of Claire Morgan’s work.  Fresh strawberries, taxidermied crow and fox, as well as rabbit meat are not the conventional mediums with which artists choose to express themselves, however, for Claire Morgan the continued exploration of the techniques used for her work are highly consequential in her practice.  The first piece I have pictured here is called Fluid, it is one of several pieces by the artist in which she uses fresh strawberries because of their color, transience, and bodily connotations.  It is the contrast of the apparent extreme fragility of organic matter and the seeming strength found in geometry and order that the artist enjoys about her work with strawberries.  The second piece (pictured third) is called Fantastic Mr. Fox, depicting a fox within a box of shards of garbage bags and rotting meat.  The production is a commentary about how animals interact with the box that we humans have constructed around them.  Through manipulating the context in which a fox, garbage bags, and rotting meat are found the piece prompts people to reconsider these day to day materials and occurrences.  Please click on the pictures to see the pieces in greater detail.

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Band of Horses “No One’s Gonna Love You”

This song from Band of Horses just makes me feel all kinds of good.

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TR853-1 (Trase one)

These strategically placed skateboarder stencils are by Singapore-based street artist TR853-1.  His new series highlights the importance of  location when putting up his gravity defying pieces.

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Jessica Ward

Through her mixed media drawings, Jessica Ward, addresses the often hidden neuroses of eating disorders as well as the start and cause of eating disorders in child hood and it’s long lasting affects through the adult life.  One look at her drawings and I was immediately captivated, and the best part is that the more I learned about the story behind the images the more I appreciated her work.

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Kristyna Litten

I seriously enjoy the playfulness of these illustrations by Kristyna Litten.  Her work definitely has a way of coaxing out the little kid in me that just wants to see more of what her characters are up to.  She also has a little illustrated booklet called “Wool” in which she has a length of wool running through the pages from beginning to end incorporating it into her images.

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