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Weekend Tunes

Definitely in my “guilty pleasures” category but I’m into it.


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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has got steez

When I wasn’t busy getting my mind blown into smitherines while watching Inception, I could not help but think that I wish that I was as stylish as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in the film. ┬áSo here is an ode to how stylish I wish to be one day.

July 27, 2010 at 1:06 am 2 comments

Celebrating all things circa 1985 today!

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Weekend Tunes

Rico Blanco “Yugto”

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Pulp Cut Outs

Incredible work by Thomas Allen.


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Fred Perry “Foxx Twill”

Embroidered with their signature laurel wreath these puppies are perfect for gallivanting around town.

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