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Lemolo Basket Bag Redesign

We over here at Gasbit like to support the things Elias Grey does over at Lemolo Bags so we’re naturally stoked to share with you all his redesigned basket bag.  Things that are utilitarian and stylish are always high on my list and Elias’ well designed bags are no exception.  He’s got a lot of new things going on with the basket bag so click on the pictures to find out more about the redesign.


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Yoko Forusho

These illustrations from New York based artist Yoko Forusho are simply amazing.

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Vanilla Bicycles

For those deeply entrenched in the hand built bicycle scene,  Sacha White and his Vanilla Bicycles company are well known.  For those of you that are not, it is time you found out about the incredible hand crafted bikes that Sacha White builds.  This beaute is just one of the latest masterpieces he has served up.  The bike is totally custom to the point that the seat height is not adjustable.  When you buy a Vanilla Bicycle you can take comfort in the fact that the bike was built with only you in mind.  Like what you see and want to get your own custom wheels from Sacha?  There is a five year wait list for these bad boys.  And if you are not constitutionally capable of that kind of comitment then you might as well forget about it and settle for a bike everyone else is riding.

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Toe “Path”

This weeks edition of the Mid-Week Mix reminded me about the Japanese jam band Toe.  I was reminded of the band because it was Brian that introduced me to their music some months back and I have enjoyed their music ever since.

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Mid-Week Mix


Well here it is, this weeks edition of the Mid-Week Mix comes to you compliments of my friend Brian.  She also wrote you guys a little note, so with out further delay here it is.

Wednesday playlist… hmm…

I wish I could slack off during Wednesdays, but work never ends. So, the music that I listen to is sort of a mix of c’mon-look-alive music and sneak-a-nap-in music.


Side A

Tank – Seatbelts (Cowboy Bebop OST)
Lisztomania – Phoenix
Always for You – The Album Leaf
Proposition ’61 – Most Serene Republic
Fire Eye’d Boy – Broken Social Scene
Whole Wide World – Spoon
Heart It Races – Architecture in Helsinki
Soldier Girl – Polyphonic Spree
Imitosis – Andrew Bird

Side B

Nantes – Beirut
Leaders of the Free World – Elbow
All Night Diner – Modest Mouse
Echo Wave – Efferklang
❤ – Your Ten Mofo
Kodoku no Hatsumei – Toe
Black Hole – She and Him
Ne Me Quitte Pas – Regina Spektor
First Impressions of Earth – The Strokes
Island in the Sun – Weezer

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Paper Nike’s

Incredible Nike replicas by David Brownings.  The amount of detail involved in making these are enough to have you asking “Does Nike make paper kicks now?” Click on the picture to see more.

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The Cadillac of Rain Boots

Since the rainy season is seemingly never ending here in the Philippines this year, I’ve been in the market for some rain boots.  Being able to navigate my way through the ubiquitous puddles so that my feet do not get wet is pretty important to me, but why not do it with some style?  I believe that these rubberized boots from Japanese shoe maker Foot The Coacher are the answer to my problems.  Both utilitarian and stylish these boots definitely go under the “wins in every category” section of my book.

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