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The ‘Aqua’-Inspired adidas MEGA Torsion RV-ZX 800

A little splashy but I would def rock these as I gallivant around town.


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Kilian Martin…

is a classy man with skills to boot.

Thanks Abi.

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Nepenthes New York x Arrow Ring Moccasin

I’m loving every single bit of these kicks.  From their double ring buckles to their double leather soles, these hand made Arrow Moccasin Company moccasins (designed by Nephenthes New York) are straight up classy.

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Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson

Named after the fella with the longest drive on the PGA tour, this classy magnesium-aluminum alloy watch boast both a slick minimalist design while exposing it’s intricate inner workings at the same time.


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Two red lights o’clock

These watches from Tokyoflash tell time in their own unique and confusing way.  I think they would frustrate me to no end but I want one anyway.


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Is that a beaver on your shirt?

The month of August has been a month of goodbyes for me, the most disheartening of which came when I had to say goodbye to a dear Canadian friend of mine.  However, she did leave me with a nifty Canadian t-shirt that sported a beaver as a logo.  This peaked my interest so I did a little bit of investigating on the Roots website to see what else they have to offer.  And to my surprise, what they have to offer up for the Fall 2010 season ain’t too shabby.  In fact I’ll go ahead and state that you did good on this one Canada.  So I’ve compiled some of my favorite items from Roots for your perusing pleasure as well as some of my favorite songs by Canadian born artists in honor of the lovely Ms. Leah Mooney.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has got steez

When I wasn’t busy getting my mind blown into smitherines while watching Inception, I could not help but think that I wish that I was as stylish as Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in the film.  So here is an ode to how stylish I wish to be one day.

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