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I was in the mood to post something about Swoon today and came across this cool video by Sofarider showing Swoon, Chris Stain, and the Polaroid Kid setting up for an exhibition two years ago.  For those of you that may not know Swoon is a street artist that wheat pastes amazing and intricate paper cut outs on city walls.  I enjoyed the video because it was interesting for me to see the process the Swoon uses when putting up her work.


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I am a sucker for artwork done on skateboard decks and this painting on a recycled deck by ERIN is no exception.  The simplicity of her designs combined with the texture of her materials join together to make such captivating compositions.  ERIN who is from Gold Coast, Australia also has a fantastic blog in which she showcases her work, so please do not hesitate and check it out over here.

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Blu and David Ellis

Soooooooooo gooooood.

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Pas Un T-Shirts

I’m digging these t-shirt designs by Isabel Rivera Hargoues-Turon from Gijon, Spain.

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Manila Flooded

We got hit with a months worth of rain with in about six hours yesterday, the effects of which you can see here and here.  Roadways were clogged and a lot of people were flooded out of their homes.  The water has subsided a little which is hopeful but people still need help, so if you feel like you would like to help please head over to the Philippine Red Cross website or contact if you would like information on how to volunteer.

Thanks, Joseph

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Felipe Olivera

Graphic artist Felipe Olivera from Sao Leapoldo, Brazil has a gritty style that I can not get enough of.  His visual style looks to me like what you would get if you put 80’s punk culture, Robert Crumb, and Brazilian flare into a blender to produce some sort of graphic art elixir of goodness.  If you want to see more make sure to take a look at his portfolio.

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Erla Maria

This is just a little taste of the quirky and fascinating art of Erla Maria from Reykjavik, Iceland.  Her quirkyness even extends to her bio where she says “The school was forced to graduate Erla, she constantly came up with uncomfortable project ideas, wanting to milk women, having Jesus moonwalk and making saints rule the world via mame cabinets.”

via: Dirty Mouse

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