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Mid-Week Tunes

Hands down the best song recommendation I have received all year.


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3D Track

Designers have figured out a solution for runners that like to run on the track but are bored with the monotony of a flat surface.  Subarquitectura has created a 400 meter olympic track in Elda, Spain where runners have the option to run up a hill each time around the track.  I just wonder if anyone will create a steeplechase that incorporates this hill.  Check out the track in more detail over here.

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Weekend Activity

Muay Thai.  Just once I want to jump off someone’s leg to kick them on the chin.

**UPDATE: Muay Thai is where it’s at, I’m going to go kick down a banana tree now**

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Nepenthes New York x Arrow Ring Moccasin

I’m loving every single bit of these kicks.  From their double ring buckles to their double leather soles, these hand made Arrow Moccasin Company moccasins (designed by Nephenthes New York) are straight up classy.

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Don’t quite know how I feel about this, but it exists.  Just getting the word out.

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Weekend Tunes

This week’s track goes out to my buddy out in Mississippi, you know who your are.  Thanks for stalking my blog.

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The Feng Shui Cube

For those of you looking for a different way to create space and intimacy in your lofts for your favorite activities, Liu Ming, a teacher of traditional Chinese medicine and feng shui, has the solution for you.  Hi eight foot tall cube comes complete with a computer and reading area, sleeping quarters, and a meditation space up top.


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