Propaganda Posters

America under communism looks brutal and the UK’s John Bull is as menacing as ever.


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The tallest tree house in the world!

The Minister’s House in Crossville, Tennessee stands ten stories high and in supported by six large oak trees.  Apparently “Construction began in 1993 when Horace Burgess believed that God spoke to him to build a tree house”.  Check out more of the tree house over here.

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Weekend Tunes

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Chanel Bocce Set

For the fancy bocce player in you.

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I’ve got Twix and KitKat meeting in the finals…

and Almond Joy as my Cindarella team sneaking into the final four.  Check out the Chocotology bracket in more detail over here.

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Kilian Martin…

is a classy man with skills to boot.

Thanks Abi.

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Apparently they’re good for you

Snag a Filipino of your own today!

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